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Name: Elena Lafontaine

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 146

Age: 19

Talent: She is an excellent cook~

Job: N/A

Species: Elemental Witch

Likes: Casting spells and brewing potions, exercising, and helping those when she can.

Dislikes: Evil in general, spiders, and people who act like they're all that.

Origin: Grew up in the city but enjoys traveling to wildness when she gets the chance.

Powers: Elena controls the five elements: fire, water, air, earth, and spirit. However, air is her main element and therefore it is her strongest element so she uses it more. And Telekinesis, but doesn't prefer to use it too much. 

Weakness: Her heart. Elena cares about people far more then she may show. If someone close to her, a friend or family member, were to be hurt because of her or in her presence she would feel as though it was her own fault and it would break her heart. Many could take her kind, caring nature to their advantage, so it's one of her biggest weaknesses. Also, her other weakness if her own ability: if Elena uses one of the other five elements, it drains her to the point where she could pass out for hours, days, perhaps even weeks if used too much. But, air, being her main element, she can use with ease so she uses it more than the others.

Strengths: Her knowledge. Elena is great at figuring things out, so it comes in handy from time-to-time. Also her ability to brew potions up hastily has come in her handy for her, and could help in the future.

Clothes: Pretty and jockey/girly style.

Personality: Kind, caring, sweet, enjoys helping others, but of course like anyone else in the world, if she is mad enough she will be a royal bitch and get snappy.

Special traits: N/A

History: Elena has a pretty basic life style. She grew up in Albany, New York, living the city life under the roof of her witch mother and mortal father. She treated well, and grew up having a good education I her wealthy life style with good friends, and so on. Her mother was the one who taught her to use magick while her father watched from a far, always smiling and being supportive of his daughter and the choices she made. Elena was told that she inherited the telekinesis from her grandmother, a powerful old witch who led a coven once, and Elena practically taught herself to use all five of the elements since her family line was Elemental Witches. Her special element, she found out while wandering through the forests one day, was air. 
However, using her other elements came with a heavy price. It weakened her each time she used it, which limited her ability to use the other elements more difficult. Obviously, she can still use the other elements, but is limited to just how much of said power she can use. Elena's father was the nature buff, almost as much as her mother was, and her taught her all she needed to know to survive in the wilderness. As Elena grew up, she ended up traveling around a lot, so when she turned 18, she decided that she was going to end up traveling the world. And who knows? She may even find herself a coven to join while on her travels.   

Weapon: She mainly uses her fists and legs, or whatever she can get her hands on if there is a threat. Or she just uses her magick.

Other: She loves animals!


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Name: Colby Frederick LaMarche (BFF = Kandyi, aka :iconspuffy12: :))
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Sign: Cancer
Relationship Status: Taken
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 163 lb
Personality: I'm a pretty easy going guy. I like helping people out with their problems and just making peeps happy, but I can have an attitude like most teens do =p
Hobbies: I like hanging with friends, reading, writing, photography, listening to music, animals, etc.
Dislikes: HATERS!!!
Favorite Hues: Red, Black, Green, Gray, and Purple
Favorite Animal(s): Monkey and wolf :D
Favorite Mythical Creature: Vampyres!!!
Things I Can't Live Without: Cell phone, iPod touch, camera, and my car (my car be my baby =p)
Current Residence: Plattsburgh, New York
Favorite Genre of music: A Bit Of Everything
Favorite Style Of Art: Photography/Literature
MP3 Player Of Choice: iPod Touch
Favorite Cartoon Character: Danny Phantom
Personal Quote: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

And at the moment that's all I can really think of what to say about myself. If ya wanna know anything else or something, ask away! Because I'll probably always have an answer (well most of the time I will anyway).

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